Selhurst CR0 Expert After Building Cleaners Company

If you want a expert residential and commercial after builders cleaning service to make your renovated house or office safe for living after a serious renovation or refurbishment jobs, then call Property Ultra Care. Since 2005, the professional after builders cleaning company has been serving domestic and commercial based customers in Selhurst CR0 and the area. The professional after builders cleaners will remove all after builders rubbish and debris, clean all dust, residue and leftover splashes & spots from the work done.

Professional Post Builders Cleaning Services Selhurst CR0

After builders cleaning Selhurst CR0With so much going on after a renovation, it’s unlikely for you to have the nerves or time to clean after your builders. Property Ultra Care is capable of removing large quantities of dirt and grime from every surface of your house or office. As this is an hourly based service, our team can give tips on the time it will take us to fully clean your property. Depending on the quantity and volume, we can recommend an end of tenancy style of cleaning or a one-off cleaning which includes every surface & room in the house or in the office. The service is split into several different rooms, all of which have their specific needs and deserve different techniques for a proper service after builders.

Expert Post-Renovation Cleaning Services Selhurst CR0

Property Ultra Care has built the best formula for quick, efficient and 100% eco-friendly after building procedure. With it, you also receive:

  • Free booking and fast appointment
  • 24 hours a day customer friendly support services
  • All tools, products and devices - from us
  • Great final result, client`s guarantee

Commercial & Residential Construction Clean-Up Selhurst CR0

garbage removal and transportation is conducted to UK and EU standards and laws. If you do not follow them, you will be charged. But post-renovation cleaning with the diligent after builders cleaners Selhurst CR0 is simple safe. See more information about our reliable one off builder cleaning service now:

  • Eliminate any debris and rubbish leftover from building work
  • De-scale and de-lime any bathroom or kitchen tile, and polish all surfaces and woodwork as necessary
  • Deep-clean toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers and other bathroom fixtures inside and outside

Ensure a healthy, dust-free office or home. Depending on the size of the job it can be scheduled either in the EOT slots of the contractors (if it's big) or in the one off (if it's small). The service can be combined with Professional Rug & Upholstery Cleaning.

Home & Office After Builders Cleans Selhurst CR0

You decide how many hours of cleaning services after builders you want. You can pick only certain cleaning after builders cleans services to be performed, or certain after builders cleaning jobs to be done with a priority. This is suitable if you want only construction rubbish removal & window cleaning after a renovation, for example:

  • Polishing and dusting all surfaces & woodwork, Deep cleaning of common areas hallways and stairs
  • Floor polishing, de-liming and de-scaling and scrubbing of tiles, High wall washing
  • Oven deep cleaning, deep kitchen cleaning as well as cleaning other kitchen appliances
  • Floor and carpet deep cleaning, Removal of after builders rubbish
  • Doors, indoor windows cleaning, full cleaning of skirting boards, door frames, sockets, lights and switches
  • Ceiling and walls cleaning, Deep-clean of the toilets, bedrooms, bathroom, living room

Choose Property Ultra Care After Builders and Get Special Price!

Even if the renovations & refurbishment work has not been completed yet, you can book your after builders cleaning services today. You will get the best price offer if you book the professional cleaning service after builders early on. Of course, if you can’t wait to get back to your normal life at work or at home, you can book the professional after builders cleaning services offered by Property Ultra Care for today! Just call 020 3746 3071 or fill out the online booking form now! Get worthy discounts by booking combined cleaning services. The customer care center works 24/7. You will receive written confirmation for your order as soon as it is processed.

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