Expert Garden Design & Maintenance Services Edmonton N18

Gardening services in Edmonton N18If you take care of your home from the inside, why don't doing the same for the outside, too? Or you are just too busy and incapable to deal with garden maintenance service in Edmonton N18? Well, our expert company have a fantastic preposition for you and your home or office exterior. Why don`t let the professionals to do their job and to get your lawn and garden look presentable, classy and clean again?

Entrust our gardeners from Property Ultra Care your plants and patio and enjoy it at a maximum value without even sweating an hour per day!

Maintenance and Garden Design in Edmonton N18

The gardeners can help get rid of weeds, and will deal with overgrown lawns, in order to leave your patio or garden perfectly designed and cleaned out. The gardening services will guarantee you have much healthier flowers and plants. More gardening services offered by the professional gardening company from Edmonton N18. The trained gardeners can do wonders even with neglected gardens. Some of the services that will help get your outdoor area back into good shape:

  • Applying the appropriate weed killer, Complete weed removal (Weeding)
  • Strip Back Grass Cutting Ivy Removal Leaf Clearance
  • Jet wash / jet washing of the driveway, stairs or patio,
  • Shrub Rotavating Edging Levelling Creeper

Tree surgeons, Landscaping, Patio Cleaning Edmonton N18

We will arrive fully equipped with the advanced tools and fertilisers, if you have some machines and you are fine with us using that would be good too, however, we arrive fully equipped. We have lawn mowers, hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, blowers, jet washes, aluminum ladders, chain saws, shovels, scissors, brooms, hammers, tarmac, moon spades, weeding tools, weed killers, electric extensions and safety gear for our gardeners.

The service includes and covers the comprehensive care of your garden and green areas, including the tress, flowers, roses, patio, lawn, gutters, conservatory, winter garden, driveway, front lawn, hedges, back yard and quite a lot more. We are certified to perform replanting, tree surgery, lawn mowing, lawn clearance which in itself includes patchwork, reseeding, fertilising, watering and edging. Our gardeners are also able of weed removal and weeding, tree and ivy plant pruning up to 12 feet in height without specific equipment, ivy plant or tree removal (up to 12 feet in height without special gear), hedge work trimming and pruning, general garden clearance including leaf clearance.

We are authorized for removal of 180 liters of garden waste and we`ll do it for free, with extra charges if the volume of waste you want removed is higher. These are just to name a few. Get the finest expert gardening in Edmonton N18 and not only get a skilled team of professionals who are really worth your time and money, but also get a healthier home and garden.

Pro Gardening and Tree Surgery Edmonton N18

Pick our professional services and get:

  • Full garden clearance including neglected gardens
  • About 180l of green waste can be removed absolutely free
  • Quick and cost-free booking
  • Possibility to supply you all the equipment

Professional Lawn Mowing and Care Edmonton N18

You contact us and we will come to examine the premise, also we are able to start work straight away. Any planting or construction of trees needs to be discussed beforehand so we can come well prepared. Our gardeners will arrive to inspect your garden, see what needs to be done. We will listen and stick to your plan, if you simply want maintenance we will be able to execute that. Our experts are as well capable of tree removal and basic landscaping and replanting as well as fence repair and replacement, though a construction plan should be forwarded to our team beforehand.

Call Property Ultra Care Gardeners and Get Good Prices!

To contact us dial 020 3746 3071, our team of specialists will be waiting to help you anyway they can, from tips on what to book to general details on the treatments and service. Schedule a visit from our expert gardeners when you will need them the most, we cater to your needs and can accommodate them any day of the week, free of additional cost on weekends.

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