Goffs Oak EN10 Expert Maintenance & Garden Design Services

Gardening services in Goffs Oak EN10Do you usually strive for the very best? Then, your garden must be no exception. To get the most effective professional gardening company providing expert maintenance and garden design service, call Property Ultra Care company with more than Ten years of experience in residential and commercial gardening in Goffs Oak EN10, the trained and experienced gardeners will provide professional lawn mowing and care, patio cleaning, landscaping, pruning and hedge trimming, tree surgery, removal and pruning as well as garden waste clearance.

Maintenance & Garden Design Goffs Oak EN10

We can easily do care and mowing, lawn maintenance including lawn removal, trimming and reseeding, regular care, lawn patching and watering. For hedges we now have a special trimmer, it allows us to prune and trim it into any shape you like, while keeping it modest. With our regular garden maintenance we have the opportunity to let more light in, have more space for recreational activities, avoid damage to brickwork, other plants and property, get a more healthy garden, no more overgrowth of lawns and gardens, will improve the health of trees and other plant life in the garden and it will raise the value of your house.

For a proper garden job we send two of our most knowledgeable gardeners, who will enter from a service or side door to not leave track filth into your home. They work in an hourly basis depending on your task or period of time it takes them to complete it. Unless the work includes the construction of patios, the positioning of fences or the creation of pathways through the garden, they can start work immediately. In general we are capable of performing expert lawn care, tree surgery and tree removal or trimming, full hedge trimming and pruning, ivy trimming and pruning, weed removal, rosebush and flower planting as well as general garden work like tilling and creating a new garden layout. With us you get 180 liters of free garden waste removal, any additional quantities will be charged additionally. We also have full garden removals which can clear out branches, leaves, general garden waste,hedge trimmings, soil, sticks and even entire trees if up to twelve feet tall.

Professional Lawn Mowing and Care Goffs Oak EN10

You can easily book professional and really affordable lawn mowing as well as overall lawn care. The gardeners will ensure that any damaged or yellow grass patches are removed and will perform professional watering, fertilizing, reseeding and edging patches. Get your lawn ready for the summer by purchasing the spring lawn care service. After the summer season is over, you can book the special autumn lawn care offered by Property Ultra Care. The gardeners can also perform: lawn repair, lawn aeration, lawn feeding and lawn scarification. Book the regular gardening services and never have any issues with overgrown lawns again.

Tree surgeons, Landscaping, Patio Cleaning Goffs Oak EN10

We will take all of the necessary machines with us, any supplies that are needed for the project can be acquired either by you or by our team. In our vehicle we have a lawn mower, hedge trimmer and grass trimmer, jet wash, a ladder, blowers, chain saw, shovel, scissors, hammer, broom, tarmac, moon spade, weeding tools, weed killers and pesticides and general weed killed equipment, additional electric extensions. We can provide the right care for your lawn and plants, including professional mowing for a healthy, well manicured lawn. If you need advice on which plants go with which, where they can be placed and how much watering they want, you can ask our expert gardeners, they will give you detailed information even if you are not booking us.

We are also able of properly doing grass trimming, lawn edging, lawn top dressing, autumn lawn care, lawn repair, spring lawn care, lawn scarification, lawn aeration and lawn feeding. We are also ready to safely migrate plants from one spot of the garden to another including entire patches of grass,bushes, roses, flowers, ivy plants and even small fruiting trees. Request a garden clearance for general garden maintenance which whips your garden, lawn, trees and bushes back in shape in case you have been traveling and have neglected your garden work. It`s fast, it`s effective and it is risk-free for the plants, making your back or front yard a more inviting place.

Professional Gardening and Tree Surgery Goffs Oak EN10

Pick our professional services and get:

  • Full garden clearance which includes neglected gardens
  • Up to 180l of green waste can be removed for free
  • Quick and cost-free booking
  • Possibility to provide you all the equipment

Choose Property Ultra Care Gardeners and Get Special Price!

Give us a call at any time, dial 020 3746 3071 and get our team over at your property the next day. Schedule anytime you want, you could even get in touch with us over the website, by using the live chat or with the booking form. We are right here for you anytime you could need us, even during weekends without extra fees. For a great garden work, masterful landscaping and manicured lawns give Property Ultra Care a call and see your garden flourish.

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