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Pest control Mitcham CR4Are you completely fed up with the cockroaches which are regularly reappearing in your kitchen or bathroom? You can easily, efficiently and safely take care of this problem by calling a professional pest control company now. The Property Ultra Care professional pest control service includes a complete inspection by a pest technician, implementation of the proper pest control treatment (with the suitable pesticide and insecticide ) for removal and prevention of future pest infestations. The expert service is perfect for residential and commercial pest control in Mitcham CR4. It is provided by highly experienced and well trained pest technicians who will resolve your issues with pests and insects at the best price in the area.

Commercial or Residential Pest Management Mitcham CR4

Our goal is to cover as many pest control points as possible, we can deal with a wide range of pests, from crawling insects, to flying critters, rodents and even birds. Our expertise in removal and extermination of ants, bed bugs, dust mites, , cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, spiders, woodworms, wasps, moths, carpet beetles, flies and bees.

We can also eliminate and get rid of squirrels, mice, rats, , pigeons and perform fumigation on entire properties or certain rooms. All products used during our treatments have been approved by the UK government and have been acquired through a certified official UK supplier. All technicians and employees that assist in pest removal and control have been properly trained, checked, vetted and bring all of their credentials with them - feel free to check and see for yourself.

Cockroaches are an omnivorous species, they eat pretty much anything and dwell in dark damp areas, usually behind or under fridges, in holes in the wall, under kitchen sinks and so forth. To kill them off we utilize food traps sprayed with a pesticide which they consume along with the food, carry with them and track into their nest. Once dead they are eaten by the other cockroaches who also get infected, effectively killing off the entire nest. If you have booked additional visits, we can deal with the carcasses and a follow up inspection of the area, however, if you have opted out you’ll have to handle them.

Domestic or Commercial Pest Technicians Mitcham CR4

We do not exterminate or kill birds or pigeons, but prevent them from being a annoyance. We find their nests and either destroy them or relocate them somewhere else. Locations like roofs, porches and other perching grounds are pigeon proofed with spikes and barb wire, they do not harm them but instead make it really uncomfortable for them to land on. This effectively removes the pest, no poisons required.

Ants respond to food sources, for there to be ants in your residence this means that there is a food source. We identify the food source, remove it and take care of the ants afterwards. A lot of colonies are found outside, we do not use insecticides outside, however, once located, their nest will be primary target. Their access holes are plugged and a granulated poison is placed in their pheromone trail, they mistake it for food and bring it into the nest. This kills of all ants inside and out, including their eggs efficiently stopping the infestation at once.

For complete bedbug and dust mite removal we use a fumigation method which can be limited to one or several rooms. All indoor plants and pets must be removed for this to be done properly. We use a fumigator filled with a chemical which kills off any infestations, eliminating dust mites and bed bugs in all phases of growth. After that the room must be ventilated thoroughly for 1 hour with to remove the rest of the gas. It is safe to people so there is no danger of poisoning.

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Property Ultra Care is a professional pest control company with huge impact on people`s life, when it comes to fast removal of any type of pests. The residential and commercial pest control service is suitable for different cases - private places and homes, restaurants, warehouses and shops, office buildings and etc. In all cases we apply only 100 % safe and harmless solutions that hide no risk either for your children, your pets, or any other residents of the building.

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As professionals we promise a full pest control, with safe and effective solutions to free you from your oppressors. Call 020 3746 3071 to book and schedule our visit, take a moment to contact us at any time, the hotline is available 24/7 free of charge.

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