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Pest control Harold Wood RM3Property Ultra Care is a professional pest control company with more than 10 years in the business of pest management, rat and insect control. Guarantee a pest free environment by calling the most effective expert pest control team in Harold Wood RM3. We pay attention to our customers, let us help you and rid you of unwelcome rodent or insect action in your home or business establishment.

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Commercial or Residential Pest Management Harold Wood RM3

Our intention is to cover as many pest control points as possible, we can deal with a wide selection of pests, from crawling insects, to flying critters, rodents and even birds. Our expertise in extermination and removal of dust mites, ants, bed bugs,, silverfish, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, woodworms, wasps, moths, carpet beetles, flies and bees.

We can also eliminate and exterminate rats, squirrels, mice,, pigeons and perform fumigation on entire properties or certain rooms. All products used during our treatments have been approved by the UK government and have been obtained through a licensed official UK supplier. All technicians and workers that assist in pest control and removal have been properly trained, checked, vetted and bring all of their credentials with them - feel free to check and see for yourself.

Cockroaches are an omnivorous species, they eat pretty much anything and dwell in dark damp areas, usually behind or under refrigerators, in holes in the wall, under sinks and so forth. To kill them off we use food traps sprayed with a pesticide which they ingest along with the food, carry with them and track into their nest. Once dead they are consumed by the other cockroaches who also get infected, effectively killing off the entire nest. If you have booked additional visits, we can deal with the carcasses and a follow up inspection of the area, however, if you have opted out you’ll have to handle them.

Domestic or Commercial Pest Technicians Harold Wood RM3

The pesticides and pesticides utilized for pest control are non-harmful to the environment and are supplied by reputable UK pest control providers. The experienced, authorized pest control technicians are equipped with all the solutions and tools necessary to solve your pest infestation. Different traps and baits can be set determined by the pest. Humane repellents, spikes and nets will be used for pigeon access control. Of course, there are certain preventive measures and instructions you will get before the different types of pest control treatments, but in general just be prepared that:

  • You will need to relocate all your pets (including fish) from the premises which will be treated
  • You need to carefully hoover the entire area which will be treated
  • You cannot be present in the premises during the pest control treatment
  • You should leave the treated area empty no less than 2 hours following the pest control treatment
  • After you return, the area needs to be aired out for at least 10 minutes
  • No hoovering should be done for at least 4 days after the pest control treatment

Expert UK Pest Supplier Harold Wood RM3

We aim to remove pests, if they are mice or birds we tend to relocate them, however, if the infestation is too great and cannot be contained we will take a more deadly and permanent rout. According to the type of infestation, its size and seriousness insecticides and pesticides will be applied to treat the premises. For safety reasons all pets and even fishes will need to be removed from the rooms that are to be treated. Do not hoover the places that were treated as this will reduce the efficiency of our methods.

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