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Pest control Highgate N10If you have any hesitation that you aren't alone at home and pests may trouble you, then you probably have them. It takes a single sign of them to be noticed and you should start considering taking the required measures. Count on experts about this job and avoid risky chemical products. Even equipped with them, you are still unable to fully disinfect the living space at home. Instead, get our professional free of risk and advanced pest control service in Highgate N10 from our company - Property Ultra Care Completely conducted to the latest anti-pest approaches and techniques, the service is all you require to handle bed bugs, mice or whatever has moved to your domestic or commercial property.

Domestic or Commercial Pest Technicians Highgate N10

Wasps are classified as a pest and we are ethically permitted to kill them on sight, however, bees whether or not they are honeybees should be moved. Before we take any steps with the bees, we consult a beekeeper to determine if these are honeybees and where they can be relocated. After that they are put to sleep with a smoke blend and the entire colony is moved somewhere safe. Wasps are not as nice so we kill them without having any remorse. We spray an anti bug powder around the entrance points, the powder has a recurring effect of 3 months and kills the pest instantly.

Ants can be quite a problem. The common understanding is that they nest inside your home but 9 out of 10 colonies are outside the house. We are not able to use pesticides outdoors so this treatment is limited only to the inside. The entry point is located, a pesticide in a granulated form is spread near the entry point. The ants mistake it for food and bring it inside the colony killing it off completely. Afterwards the cracks and entry point are patched to prevent future infestations. To solidify the results and to assure no more ant infestations, we recommend removing any open food sources from the surfaces, like dog food or leftovers.

Commercial or Residential Pest Management Highgate N10

Depending on the type of pest, different poisons and baits will be applied. The pest management service additionally provides rodent control services. The professional pest control company has very efficient and suitable insecticides/pesticides from a UK pest supplier, for the following:

  • Flying insects control: Fly Control, Bee Control, Wasps Control, Carpet Beetles Control, Moth Control,
  • Crawling insects control: Cockroach Control; Ant Control; Dust Mites Control; Bed Bugs Treatment; Flea Control; Spider Control; Silverfish Control, Woodworm Treatment
  • Rodents control: Mice Control; Rat Control; Squirrel Control;
  • Other: Pigeon Bird Control, Fumigation

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The pest control service comes with a full service: inspection, pest control treatment and also prevention from future infestations. The certified pest technician or a team will first perform a full and detailed evaluation of the property, to make an exact assessment of the level of infestation, the possible entry ways for the insects, rodents or other pests and to identify the most appropriate rodent or insect control treatment to be applied. Based on the type of pest, different poisons and baits will be used. The treatment will be done, and then preventive actions will be taken against future problems with the pests.

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With our professional services you will get:

  • Fast, effective and hassle-free service
  • Special rates for return clients
  • First-class protection for your home
  • Easy booking process

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