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Pest control North Harrow HA2Seen a cockroach a short while ago at home and cannot think about eating in your dining room anymore? Experienced a real shock due to the mouse that came along in the night the other day? You urgently need professional pest control service! Indeed, there are lots of commercial products in the stores, but do you really think they work? Pests should get out of your house or working environment immediately!

Apply for expert high quality pest control in North Harrow HA2 from our company - Property Ultra Care! Have no pests tomorrow!

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The pest control service comes with a full service: examination, pest control treatment and also prevention against future infestations. The licensed pest technician or a team will first perform a full and detailed inspection of the property, to make an exact evaluation of the level of infestation, the possible entrance ways for the insects, rodents or other pests and to identify the most appropriate insect or rodent control treatment to be applied. Depending on the type of infestation, different baits and poisons will be applied. The treatment will be performed, and then preventive steps can be taken against future troubles with the pests.

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Our goal is to cover as many pest control points as possible, we can easily deal with a wide range of pests, from crawling insects, to flying critters, rodents and even birds. Our expertise in removal and extermination of ants, bed bugs, dust mites, , cockroaches, fleas, silverfish, spiders, woodworms, wasps, carpet beetles, flies, moths and bees.

We can also eliminate and get rid of rats, squirrels, mice,, pigeons and perform fumigation on entire properties or certain rooms. All supplies used during our procedures have been approved by the UK government and have been acquired through a licensed official UK supplier. All technicians and workers that assist in pest removal and control have been properly trained, checked, vetted and bring all of their credentials with them - please feel free to check and see for yourself.

Cockroaches are an omnivorous species, they eat pretty much anything and dwell in dark damp areas, typically behind or under refrigerators, in holes in the wall, under kitchen sinks and so forth. To eliminate them off we utilize food traps sprayed with a pesticide which they ingest along with the food, carry with them and track into their nest. Once dead they are consumed by the other cockroaches who also get infected, efficiently killing off the entire colony. If you have booked additional visits, we can deal with the carcasses and a follow up inspection of the area, however, if you have opted out you’ll have to handle them.

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Pest control comes with:

  • 24/7 customer-friendly support services
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  • 97% positive reviews
  • London and all surrounding area coverage

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Wasps are identified as a pest and we are ethically permitted to kill them on sight, however, bees regardless if they are honeybees have to be relocated. Before we take any action with the bees, we consult a beekeeper to decide if these are honeybees and where they can be relocated. After that they are put to sleep with a smoke blend and the whole colony is relocated somewhere safe. Wasps are not as nice so we kill them without having any remorse. We apply an anti bug powder close to the entry points, the powder has a residual effect of 3 months and kills the pest right away.

Ants can be quite a problem. The common understanding is that they nest inside your house but 9 out of 10 colonies are outside the house. We are not able to use pesticides outside so this treatment is restricted only to the inside. The entrance point is located, a pesticide in a granulated form is placed near the entry point. The ants mistake it for food and deliver it inside the colony killing it off completely. Afterwards the cracks and entry point are patched to prevent potential infestations. To solidify the success and to guarantee no more ant infestations, we highly recommend removing any open food sources from the flooring, like dog food or leftovers.

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Contact the 24/7 customer care service on 020 3746 3071 to book your desired pest control service. The services provided are not hourly based, so the cost will be fixed, and without hidden fees. No deposit is required for booking the pest control service. The company offers a 3 month guarantee for its services, during which the customer is entitled to 2 free visits by the pest technicians, in case of need. Book your pest control service in North Harrow HA2 now!

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