Welsh Harp NW10 Professional Waste Clearance Service

Rubbish removal Welsh Harp NW10Regardless whether you are moving out, moving in from your home or office or just organize a decent purge either of your private, or public environment, junk is expected to be gathered. It takes a lot of transportation, knowledge, efforts where to throw the different types of garbage.

If you need such a professional assistance, our expert junk removal service in Welsh Harp NW10 from our company - Property Ultra Care is available for you and for the entire UK territory.

Domestic or Commercial Construction Waste Removal Welsh Harp NW10

Our company has the ability to move small and large loads, as we use several types of vehicles, from vans to lorries and loading trucks that can carry quite a bit. This service is not hourly based, we charge you for weight and any additional fees associative with the disposal of your rubble, trash, electronics or appliances. We bring all of our equipment required for the clearance and proper removal of any type of unwanted object.

By household rubbish we mean, single mattress, double mattress, armchair, 2-seated sofa, table, divan bed, single bed, double bed, 3 seated sofa, dryers, king sized bed, washing machines, fridges, freezers, microwaves, ovens, TV and TV stands, book shelves, wardrobes, mirrors, cupboards, kitchen units, bathtubs, PC monitor and carpets. We prefer that you package these items before our arrival as it will save us time, however, we can also package them for you, at a small charge we can completely remove, handle and dispose of your items. Items such as kitchen and electronics appliances like sinks, freezers, microwaves and so on require a special fee for proper disposal.

For gardens we can easily remove flowers and plants, grass cuttings, twigs, pots, branches up to 7feet in length, soil & turf, litter, garden weeds, mulch, plastic bags or linen, hedge clippings, leaves, Christmas decorations and trees, animal bedding and straw. We can give you a preliminary quote based on your phone call or chat history, however, we do reserve the right to change the quote upon on sight inspection as volume and weight do matter with our service.

Expert Rubbish Collection and Transport Welsh Harp NW10

See what we also include in the service pack:

  • Night shifts, flexible schedules
  • No fixed prices, payment depending on the junk
  • Insured, trained and vetted technicians
  • Full organization management and understanding

Professional Garden & Garage Waste Removal Welsh Harp NW10

We are certified to deal with not only normal rubbish, but also remove, move and dispose of granite, rubble, junk, builder’s waste, cement, garden waste removal, garage clearance and general rubbish collection. Our junk removal services have been authorized by the UK government with certificates allowing us to safely remove a large catalog of unwanted items.

Domestic or Commercial Rubbish Collection Welsh Harp NW10

We have the ability to remove large quantities of building & gardening rubbish. However, for an accurate estimation we’d need at least a photo or a private visit to determine the exact volume of the load. From your garden we can safely remove flowers & plants, twigs, litters, cut grass, soil & turf, branches of medium to small size, Christmas decorations and trees, liners and plastic bags, planted pots, hedge clippings, leaves, garden weeds, pots and a lot more. These are taken to a special organic dumb unit where they are safely deposited. Construction materials, however, require a special location which charges per weight. The most common materials are building materials, soil, timbers, cement and concrete. We can safely and quickly remove concrete, timber, glass, bricks, wood, rubble, soils, plasterboard, metals, tiles, plastic and their cement and grout.

While we do work with waste we can also remove unwanted, old pieces of furniture from your home or office, however, we might charge you more if they are hard to access. For better clean up we do recommend that they are pre-packaged or at least more easily accessible. Before we come for the removal, we need info about the size of the furniture (multiple seated sofas), wardrobe size|wardrobe size, size of the furniture (multiple seated sofas)size & count and if they need to disassembled beforehand. Information like furniture location and condition, home or office are impotent so we know what kind of a van or truck to bring and what to expect. We can remove the furniture from your house or office without a problem, in fact we can remove pretty much any piece of furniture in your wardrobes, beds, bedside tables.

In your bedroom we can remove drawers, chests, dressing tables, mattresses, lamps, sofas & armchairs regardless of size. Living rooms are not a problem either, coffee & side tables, cabinets and TV stands, book cases, console tables, shelves, cot beds, wardrobes, desks, TV’s. We also remove Dining room sets, dining tables, chairs and chairs, bunk beds playgrounds. stools & benches, modular kitchens, free standing kitchens and sideboards, office or home are also some of the things we can come and remove from your .

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