As a professional cleaning company with huge experience in the field, we, though, still want to introduce ourselves. Property Ultra Care Ltd. has been established 10 years ago. We have started as a small family business with only a few cleaning services to offer for the households. Today we can brag about numerous and various housekeeping assistance types, as well as decent commercial cleaning services for your business. Our goal is to remain competitive, which means we are ready to help all of you. Whether you are a just an ordinary landlord, who keeps his property in the top condition in order to receive more clients, or an IT firm with thousands of busy employees, who have no time for cleaning, we are here for you. Whatever your case is, we have the right cleaning solution for you! Our professional cleaning company is approved by the industry leader Prochem.

Spotless Cleaning

We are happy to tell you that our premium cleaning company has decided to avoid any chemicals and toxins in our work. We have embraced the eco-friendly approach into cleaning. None of our products are based on synthetic agents. All of the detergents we apply are secured and certified. They are organic and 100% environment-friendly. Be sure that after any of our procedure your living space remains healthy and fresh. The children or the pet are not in danger, but, yet, the helpful cleaners the UK always give you instructions how to behave and what to do after each procedure.

Thorough Domestic & Commercial Maintenance

We believe that our secret to success is in the individual approach to each customer. All the skillful and polite cleaners are instructed to discuss the service with a client in advance. If you have some special requirement or demands, the gifted cleaners will be happy to have them in mind, as well. In addition to these, we have free surveys on the website available all the time. Leaving a feedback form for you is another attempt of hours to be updated with your current or new needs. Thus, we also provide the new customers the right idea who we are and how we do our top-notched professional cleaning services!

Property Ultra Care Ltd. is Always Available!

We believe in the hard work and we never leave a place with the unfinished job. We are also flexible, so a customer can easily arrange a service in a most convenient for him or her time. Note that the enthusiastic cleaners work 365 days per year – with no exceptions either for the weekends or for the national holidays! You can contact us even right now – whether for a direct reservation or for some additional information to receive. Do not hesitate to and call today!


Property Ultra Care Ltd.

10 Macklin St.

WC2B 5NH London

United Kingdom

Tel.:020 3746 3071

E-mail: info@vback.org.uk