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Pest control Bromley BRDid your cat bring in some nasty fleas in your home, and you can’t get rid of them? Well, you can quickly say good-bye to the endless bite marks by calling the leading professional pest control company in Bromley BR now. The commercial and residential pest control company Property Ultra Care has authorized technicians for all types of pest control service, including: crawling insects, flying insects, rodents, and provides preventive fumigation, humane pigeon control along with beaver control. So, now you can get expert, efficient and guaranteed pest control and management by a licensed pest technician who will use the right pesticides or insecticides provided by a UK pest supplier.

Home or Office Pest Management Bromley BR

Depending on the kind of pest, different poisons and baits and poisons will be used. The pest management service also provides rodent control services. The professional pest control company has very efficient and suitable insecticides/pesticides from a UK pest supplier, for the following:

  • Flying insects control: Fly Control, Bee Control, Wasps Control, Moth Control; Carpet Beetles Control;
  • Crawling insects control: Cockroach Control; Ant Control; Dust Mites Control; Bed Bugs Treatment; Flea Control; Spider Control; Woodworm Treatment; Silverfish Control
  • Rodents control: Mice Control, Squirrel Control, Rat Control
  • Other: Bird, Pigeon Control; Fumigation

Pro UK Pest Supplier Bromley BR

Property Ultra Care is a competent pest control company with massive effect on people`s life, when it comes to fast removal of any kind of pests. The residential and commercial and commercial pest control service is suitable for different cases - homes and private places, shops, warehouses and restaurants, office buildings and etc. In all cases we apply only 100% safe and harmless solutions that hide no risk either for your kids, your pets, or any other inhabitants of the building.

Domestic or Commercial Pest Technicians Bromley BR

We do not exterminate or kill pigeons or birds, but stop them from being a annoyance. We locate their nests and either destroy them or relocate them somewhere else. Places like roofs, porches and other perching grounds are pigeon proofed with barb wire and spikes, they do not hurt them but instead make it really uncomfortable for them to land on. This efficiently removes the pest, no poisons required.

Ants respond to food sources, for there to be ants in your house this means that there is a food source. We identify the food source, remove it and deal with the ants afterwards. Most colonies are found outdoor, we do not use insecticides outside the house, however, once located, their nest will be primary target. Their entry holes are blocked and a granulated poison is inserted in their pheromone trail, they mistake it for food and deliver it into the colony. This will kill of all ants inside and out, including their eggs efficiently stopping the infestation at once.

For complete bed bug and dust mite removal we use a fumigation method which can be restricted to one or many rooms. All indoor plants and pets must be removed for this to be done properly. We use a fumigator loaded with a chemical which kills off any infestations, removing bed bugs and dust mites in all phases of development. After that the room must be ventilated thoroughly for 1 hour with to remove the rest of the gas. It is harmless to humans so there is no threat of poisoning.

Pro Beaver Pest Control Bromley BR

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Get a guarantee for all pest control and pest management services supplied.

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Contact the 24/7 customer care service on 020 3746 3071 to book your desired pest control service. The services offered are not hourly based, so the cost will be fixed, and without hidden fees. No deposit is necessary for arranging the pest control service. The company gives a 3 month guarantee for its services, during which the client is entitled to 2 free visits by the pest technicians, in case of need. Book your pest control service in Bromley BR now!

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