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Pest control City of London ECSeen a cockroach recently at home and cannot think about eating in your dining room any longer? Experienced a true shock due to the mouse that came along in the evening the other day? You urgently need professional pest control service! Indeed, there are lots of commercial products in the shops, but do you really think they do the job? Pests must get out of your house or office immediately!

Get expert high quality pest control in City of London EC from our company - Property Ultra Care! Have no pests tomorrow!

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Property Ultra Care is a competent pest control company with huge influence on people`s life, when it comes to fast elimination of any type of pests. The residential and commercial pest control service is suitable for different cases - homes and private places, restaurants, warehouses and shops, offices and etc. In all cases we apply only 100 % safe and harmless products that hide no risk either for your little ones, your pets, or any other inhabitants of the building.

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All of our supplies and equipment has been acquired from an official UK supplier certified for PEST control and PEST control related chemicals and equipment. We have more than 15 years of expertise with all types of vermin and pests, including crawling, flying and rodent pests as well as other, like pigeons, and full domestic fumigation. Our team is capable of performing bed bug treatment, ant control, , cockroach control, flea control, silverfish control, flea control, silverfish control, cockroach control, , bee control, woodworm treatment, dust mite control, wasp control, fly control, mice control, carpet beetles control, squirrel and rat control.

Our initial approach is always none lethal, which means that we prefer to move pests and vermin rather than killing them. In the case of rats and mice, however, we are authorized to exterminate the population pestering residential and commercial areas. We always inspect the location, note any entry points and activity marks, a visible evidence of the infestation is always better. Before we begin catching and removing the pests we patch up any entry points into your property. Using foam, wire mesh and plasterboards we can patch up any small holes. Pests are attracted to food so taking away the source of their food is a good way to drive out the infestation. We after that place glue traps and poison tabs, they should infect the rodents who will then spread the poison inside the colony, wiping it out. The base service does not include the removal of carcasses.

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We do not kill or exterminate birds or pigeons, but stop them from being a nuisance. We identify their nests and either eliminate them or relocate them somewhere else. Locations like porches, roofs and other perching grounds are pigeon proofed with spikes and barb wire, they do not hurt them but instead make it pretty uncomfortable for them to land on. This effectively removes the pest, no poisons needed.

Ants respond to food sources, for there to be ants in your residence this means that there is a food source. We find the food source, remove it and handle the ants afterwards. Most colonies are found outside, we do not use insecticides outside the house, however, once found, their nest will be primary target. Their entry holes are plugged and a granulated poison is put in their pheromone trail, they mistake it for food and take it into the nest. This eliminates of all ants inside and out, including their eggs effectively ending the infestation at once.

For complete bed bug and dust mite removal we use a fumigation method which can be limited to one or several rooms. All plants and pets must be removed for this to be done properly. We use a fumigator loaded with a chemical which kills off any infestations, eliminating dust mites and bed bugs in all phases of development. After that the room must be ventilated thoroughly for 1 hour with to remove the rest of the gas. It is safe to humans so there is no danger of poisoning.

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As professionals we promise a full pest control, with harmless and efficient methods to free you from your oppressors. Call 020 3746 3071 to book and schedule our visit, please feel free to call us at any time, the hotline is available 24/7 free of charge.

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