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Pest control Chigwell IG7In case you have any doubt that you aren't alone at home and unwanted pests may trouble you, then you probably have them. It takes a single sign of them to be noticed and you should start considering taking the required measures. Rely on experts about this job and keep away from dangerous chemical products. Even equipped with them, you are still unable to fully disinfect the living space at home. Instead, get our professional risk-free and modern pest control service in Chigwell IG7 from our company - Property Ultra Care Completely conducted to the latest anti-pest techniques and approaches, the service is all you require to deal with mice, bed bugs or whatever has moved to your commercial or domestic environment.

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We do not kill or exterminate pigeons or birds, but stop them from being a annoyance. We find their nests and either eliminate them or move them elsewhere. Locations like porches, roofs and other perching grounds are pigeon proofed with barb wire and spikes, they do not hurt them but instead make it pretty uncomfortable for them to land on. This efficiently removes the pest, no poisons needed.

Ants respond to food sources, for there to be ants in your house this means that there is a food source. We identify the food source, remove it and deal with the ants afterwards. Most colonies are located outside the house, we do not use insecticides outside the house, however, once located, their nest will be primary target. Their entry holes are plugged and a granulated poison is put in their pheromone trail, they mistake it for food and bring it into the nest. This will kill of all ants inside and out, including their eggs efficiently ending the infestation in one go.

For complete bed bug and dust mite removal we use a fumigation approach which can be limited to one or several rooms. All indoor plants and pets must be removed for this to be done safely. We use a fumigator filled with a chemical which kills off any infestations, removing bed bugs and dust mites in all stages of growth. After that the room must be ventilated thoroughly for 1 hour with to remove the rest of the gas. It is safe to people so there is no danger of poisoning.

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According to the type of pest, different poisons and baits will be utilised. All insecticides/pesticides we utilize are supplied by an official UK pest provider. The arrangement of pest control services in Chigwell IG7 is easy and quick. No hidden charges, yet only fixed prices! We work 365 days per year, so if you have an urgent pest case, lean on us and protect the healthy living conditions in your house. Notice that pest control is perfect for both residential and commercial purpose.

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The expert pest control service in Chigwell IG7 prices are cheap and affordable. You can order pest control in all of these situations:

  • Bed Bugs Treatment, Cockroach Control, Ant control, Flea Control, Silverfish Control
  • Dust Mites Control, Spider Control, Woodworm Treatment, Other crawling insects treatment
  • Wasps control, Bee control, Fly control, Carpet Beetles Control, Mouth Control
  • Other flying insects control, Mice control, Rat control, Squirrel control
  • Bird or pigeon control, Fumigation treatment

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  • 3 month guarantee and 2 free of charge visits after pest control treatment
  • Complete pest control management - examination, treatment and prevention
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  • Hassle free and effective pest control and prevention

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